The Week Ahead for May 14-18

Here’s what’s happening at Ranchero Elementary, this week:

May 14th
Monthly PAC Meeting.
There will be a PAC meeting at 6:30, in the Library. All of our students’ parents/guardians are welcome to attend. Hopefully, we will be able to name the 2018-2019 PAC executive.

May 15th
Cross-country Running Celebration.
All students who participated in cross-country running this season have been invited to the annual Pizza Party, provided they have returned their jerseys.

May 16th
SD83 Math Olympics.
Fifteen of our Grade 6-8 students have been invited to attend our school district’s first Math Olympics, hosted by Shuswap Middle School. Our Mathletes will participate in five different events, including problem-solving activities, math games, and a written test. Good luck to our teams!!

May 17th
Grade 2 Field Trip.
Mrs. Major’s class will be going on a field trip to City Hall, where they will receive a tour of the building and meet our mayor, Nancy Cooper. The students will leave first thing in the morning, and return to school before Lunch.
5th Annual RAN RUN. All of our students have been working very hard during our School-wide Running, for our morning fitness sessions. The students have not only been starting off their days with exercise and fresh air, they have been training for our school’s cross-country running event. All students are expected to participate. All parents and family members are invited to join us at 12:25, to cheer on the students as they challenges themselves to complete the course.

May 18th
Pro-D Day.
All of our teachers will be participating in various professional development activities, including writing workshops, Applied Skill Technology Design (ASTD) planning/implementation, Outdoor Education, and presenting a year-long inquiry project. We hope all of the children enjoy a sunny and warm four-day weekend!