The Week Ahead for May 21st – 25th

Here’s what’s happening at Ranchero Elementary, during what should be a very warm week! It would be a good idea to slather on some sunscreen before coming to school!!

May 21st
Victoria Day.
School will not be in session, so we hope all of our students and their families enjoy a wonderful long-weekend.

May 22nd
Fire Drill.
The students and staff will be practicing a fire drill. We’re focusing on exiting the building silently, allowing for teachers to take attendance quickly and efficiently.

May 23rd
Peer Numeracy Coaching Celebration.
Our Peer Numeracy Coaches and their little buddies will be celebrating a wonderful partnership, where the coaches have been helping the younger students strengthen their numeracy skills. Mrs. Montgomery will meet with the coaches and little buddies at Lunch, to celebrate the success that has been shown.

May 24th
Ranchero Leadership Team BBQ.
The Ranchero Leadership Team, with the support and guidance of Miss Turner, have been working very hard to get ready for a BBQ fundraiser. The team will be hosting a BBQ, starting at 5:00 pm, which will raise funds for the True Faces of Horse Slaughter charity. The students are very passionate about the cause they have chosen to support, so we hope many Ranchero families and friends will join us on Thursday evening.

May 25th
A Visit from Mr. Cumming.
Ranchero’s new principal, Mr. Cumming, will be visiting Ranchero Elementary between Recess and Lunch. Mr. Menzies will be walking from class to class with Mr. Cumming, and introducing him to all of the students and staff members.