The Trolls Are Out!

Heads up Hillcrest and Ranchero…Mrs Meerza and Ms. Major took part in the annual “release the trolls” spring placement session up at South Canoe. All of the trolls made by Ranchero and Hillcrest students are now ready to be visited.

Troll 1

District Music Challenge

Join other Canadian children in song with professional vocal coach Jasmine Denham in this CBC Project Inside Voices.  It’s easy to participate.  Simply go to the website below and watch the latest video that will guide your family through the project.  Each week a new video will be added to move you along.  Be sure to be extra-creative and CBC may just decide to broadcast your video if you choose to share it.

Video 1 (April 17): Vocal Warm-up

Video 2 (April 24): The Craft of Singing

Video 3 (May 1): Learn the Song

Video 4 (May 8): Record and Share Your Song

May 13: Upload your project

At the end of the project you will have the option to upload to social media using the hashtags #CBCMusicclass and #cbckids.  Remember that you will need your parent’s permission to share any of your work online.

Please feel free to send your project to our Music Teacher, Ms. Skibbe ( here at school as well!





National Day of Mourning April 28

The National Day of Mourning commemorates workers who have been killed, injured or suffered illness due to workplace related hazards and incidents. The purpose of this day is to remember and honour those lives lost or injured because of their work and to renew the commitment to prevent further deaths, injuries and diseases by improving health and safety in the workplace.NDM

Ranchero flags are at half mast on April 28 to honour this day.

Traffic Around School Area

The school has received calls from concerned neighbours about vehicle traffic travelling too fast through the area and a concern with vehicles not stopping at the stop sign where Ranchero Drive meets with Hudson Road.

Please show extra care and caution when travelling through the school area and specifically the school zone out front of the school

The busy times are from 7:40 am – 8:05 am and 1:45 pm – 2:15 pm. School starts at 8 am and students are dismissed at 2:00 pm. There are many students that walk to and from school and there is limited road space with the snow on the road and several  “Blind” corners. We have reminded students to show extra care and caution and will continue to do so.

We appreciate your support from home with showing extra care and caution in the school area.

Long Range Facility Plan Consultations

2020 – LRFP Consultation – Salmon Arm Public

School District No. 83 students, parents, and community members are
invited to participate in the consultation process of the Long Range
Facilities Plan. Information and ideas gathered from these consultations
will guide trustees as they develop the district’s 10 year long range plan.
Sessions for Salmon Arm and Greater Area
February 4 at 6 p.m. – Ranchero Elementary (Focus is K-8 rural) – Thank you for attending!

February 13 at 6 p.m. – DESC (Focus is urban K-12 schools)( District Education Support Office located at 341 Shuswap St. S.W., Salmon Arm)
March 11 at 6 p.m. – Sorrento Elementary (Focus is rural schools)

At each session there will be a general overview of the entire district, with
discussion focussing on the indicated topic. These sessions will cover
the Salmon Arm and greater area (any school which feeds into high
school in Salmon Arm). Please choose the one that best suits you.
Options are described in the Long Range Facility Plan, and other
suggestions are welcomed. Please submit any suggestions or questions to