School Potential Exposure to COVID 19

On Thursday, December 24 a potential exposure to COVID 19 at our school was posted to the Interior Health News Website: The potential exposure dates listed are for December 14,15,16 17 and 18. The last week of school prior to winter break.

At this point myself or the School District have not had any communication from Interior Health.  We are following the protocol established for these circumstances by Interior Health:

  • The health authority is performing contact tracing;
  • The health authority will determine if anyone in the school community was in contact with the person who tested positive for COVID-19 while they were potentially infectious;
  • The health authority will determine if anyone in the school community is a close contact that is required to self-isolate
  • Ranchero Elementary and School District Number 83 Senior Leadership will work with the health authority to determine if additional action is required, and support ongoing communication to our school community.

Only the health authority can determine who is a close contact. If you are contacted by Interior Health Authority, please follow their advice. If you are not contacted by Interior Health Authority, it has been determined that you (if you are a staff member) or your child (if you are a parent/guardian) is not at risk of developing COVID-19. Please note that if Interior Health contacts the school or school district, we will communicate any information we are asked to with personal privacy rights maintained. More information from Interior Health on “How the school notification process works” can be found on the Interior Health Website.

The safety and well-being of students, families & staff remains our top priority.  Although school is currently dismissed for Winter Break, Ranchero Elementary and School District Number 83 will continue to implement health and safety protocols and procedures so students and staff may return to school as safely as possible on January 4, 2021.

We wish a quick return to good health to those affected by COVID-19.

Early dismissal day

ByCommunications November 2, 2020

Just a reminder that Thursday, November 19th is an Early Dismissal Day for all SD83 elementary schools (except for Falkland which if Feb. 26), plus Carlin and Len Wood Middle Schools.

This time will be used for teachers to facilitate formal goal-setting conferences with students and parents. Most conferences will occur via video chats or phone calls. In certain situations, in-person meetings may be considered when physical distancing and safety protocols can be maintained.

Parents will receive information from their child’s school about conference times, conference format, and early dismissal times (all participating schools will dismiss 3 hours earlier than normal and buses will run 3 hours earlier than their regular schedule). If you have any questions please contact the principal at your child’s school.

Just a heads-up, with so many things now being done by telephone or online, SD83 has added additional capacity to enable district staff to call parents through the use of Microsoft Teams phones. Rather than showing on call display as SD83 or your child’s school, these calls may show up as No Caller ID and may show up on your call display as (236) 600 – 9089.

Please answer as it will be a teacher attempting to contact you.
Still not comfortable answering these calls? We have asked teachers to leave a message. Please make sure your voice mailbox is not full so they can leave a message.  Thanks!