Core Competencies & Self-Assessments

General Info
Supporting Self-Assessment of the Core Competencies (Instructional Learning Team)
Communication Self Reflection
Core competency I statements (My Own)
Skills Reflection Core Competency
Picture Books to Support Core Competencies

Primary Self-assessments
Core Competency Self Assessment with 3 evidence areas
Primary CC Self-Assessment
Primary Core Competency with Evidence – dif pics
Reflection on Core Competencies
Torquay Core Competencies Self-Reflection – HBraid – SD61

Intermediate Self-assessments
Communication student self assessment-editable-FINAL
Core Competencies Self Assessment – from LMS – SD61
core competency self assessment sample
Core Competency Self-Assessment Draft Booklet 11×17 v3
Creative Thinking student self assessment-editable-FINAL
Critical Thinking student self assessment-editable-FINAL
Personal Awareness and Responsibility SSA-editable-FINAL
Positive Personal and Cultural Identity-editable-FINAL
Social Responsibility SSA-editable-FINAL

Resources from Shelly Moore