The Week Ahead for May 21st – 25th

Here’s what’s happening at Ranchero Elementary, during what should be a very warm week! It would be a good idea to slather on some sunscreen before coming to school!!

May 21st
Victoria Day.
School will not be in session, so we hope all of our students and their families enjoy a wonderful long-weekend.

May 22nd
Fire Drill.
The students and staff will be practicing a fire drill. We’re focusing on exiting the building silently, allowing for teachers to take attendance quickly and efficiently.

May 23rd
Peer Numeracy Coaching Celebration.
Our Peer Numeracy Coaches and their little buddies will be celebrating a wonderful partnership, where the coaches have been helping the younger students strengthen their numeracy skills. Mrs. Montgomery will meet with the coaches and little buddies at Lunch, to celebrate the success that has been shown.

May 24th
Ranchero Leadership Team BBQ.
The Ranchero Leadership Team, with the support and guidance of Miss Turner, have been working very hard to get ready for a BBQ fundraiser. The team will be hosting a BBQ, starting at 5:00 pm, which will raise funds for the True Faces of Horse Slaughter charity. The students are very passionate about the cause they have chosen to support, so we hope many Ranchero families and friends will join us on Thursday evening.

May 25th
A Visit from Mr. Cumming.
Ranchero’s new principal, Mr. Cumming, will be visiting Ranchero Elementary between Recess and Lunch. Mr. Menzies will be walking from class to class with Mr. Cumming, and introducing him to all of the students and staff members.

New Principal Announcement

Dear Ranchero Families…

As you may have heard from your children, last Thursday I made the difficult announcement that I will be leaving Ranchero Elementary at the end of this school year.  After five wonderful years of working at Ranchero Elementary, I am being transferred to Bastion Elementary School.

I have very much enjoyed being a part of the Ranchero community, as I have been so fortunate to create some wonderful relationships with a group of amazing students, parents and staff members.  Ranchero Elementary is a hidden gem, being home to:

  • an incredible group of students who always put a smile on my face, and make me proud of the small and big achievements they make every day;
  • a caring and loving team of teachers, CEAs, and support staff who work together to ensure your children are always achieving new levels of success;
  • a supportive group of parents who are viewed as valuable members of our team, and trust us to provide their children with a well-rounded education.

The new principal of Ranchero Elementary will be Mr. Doug Cumming, the current principal of MV Beattie in Enderby.  Mr. Cumming is very excited to join the Ranchero team of students, teachers and parents!  Over the next few weeks, Mr. Cumming will be visiting Ranchero Elementary, to meet everyone in our school.

I would like thank everyone in our school community for contributing to a fantastic learning environment and making my time here very memorable.

I am looking forward to these next five weeks, as I continue to build memories with a learning community that I will miss very much.


Joel Menzies

The Week Ahead for May 14-18

Here’s what’s happening at Ranchero Elementary, this week:

May 14th
Monthly PAC Meeting.
There will be a PAC meeting at 6:30, in the Library. All of our students’ parents/guardians are welcome to attend. Hopefully, we will be able to name the 2018-2019 PAC executive.

May 15th
Cross-country Running Celebration.
All students who participated in cross-country running this season have been invited to the annual Pizza Party, provided they have returned their jerseys.

May 16th
SD83 Math Olympics.
Fifteen of our Grade 6-8 students have been invited to attend our school district’s first Math Olympics, hosted by Shuswap Middle School. Our Mathletes will participate in five different events, including problem-solving activities, math games, and a written test. Good luck to our teams!!

May 17th
Grade 2 Field Trip.
Mrs. Major’s class will be going on a field trip to City Hall, where they will receive a tour of the building and meet our mayor, Nancy Cooper. The students will leave first thing in the morning, and return to school before Lunch.
5th Annual RAN RUN. All of our students have been working very hard during our School-wide Running, for our morning fitness sessions. The students have not only been starting off their days with exercise and fresh air, they have been training for our school’s cross-country running event. All students are expected to participate. All parents and family members are invited to join us at 12:25, to cheer on the students as they challenges themselves to complete the course.

May 18th
Pro-D Day.
All of our teachers will be participating in various professional development activities, including writing workshops, Applied Skill Technology Design (ASTD) planning/implementation, Outdoor Education, and presenting a year-long inquiry project. We hope all of the children enjoy a sunny and warm four-day weekend!


Image result for humboldt broncosCanadians and beyond are grieving the tragic accident that took the lives of 15 members of the Humboldt Broncos junior hockey organization, in Saskatchewan, on April 6.

School District No. 83 is deeply saddened by this tragedy, and our thoughts go out to everyone affected.

As you may have heard through the media, there is an initiative being organized by a group of BC mothers to support the families and friends of the Humboldt Broncos by wearing a hockey jersey on April 12.

Hockey is an important part of our communities and culture. Caring for each other and supporting each other is an important Canadian value. We invite staff and students to show their support for those who have lost loved ones, family members, friends and teammates by wearing their hockey jerseys, sport jersey or the colours green and gold, on Thursday, April 12.

We are encouraging parents to have age appropriate conversations with their children around the reasons for this day.  Staff members will also be able to discuss the reasons behind this day, in an age-appropriate manner.

To learn more about #jerseysforhumboldt go to the Jersey Day Facebook page or check out this link on CBC’s website at

Zones of Regulation

At Ranchero Elementary, the staff and students have been introduced to the Zones of Regulation.  Our goal is to have a common language that the students can use to describe how they are feeling, as well as develop a “toolbox” of individual strategies to help bring the energy level up or down, in order to be in the Green Zone, which is optimal for learning.  Please click on the image below, which will provide you with an overview of the Zones of Regulation (use the right/left arrows to make your way through the presentation).  This presentation was shown to the students at today’s Weekly Assembly.

Image result for zones of regulation